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Fashion is what you make it. Everyone has their own sense of fashion, that's what I love about it! I was taught, its not how many items of clothing you have, but how many different ways you can put those items together. As a little girl I was given the opportunity to dress myself, my parents allowed me to express myself however I wanted in this area. Around the age 11 years old, my father asked me this: would you rather have 5 name brand outfits or 15 non-name brand outfits  (of good quality of course) and 2 name brand outfits? Of course I answered: 15 outfits! I was taught, at a young age, everything does not have to be name brand. If you mix and match your wardrobe correctly, you can make 5 outfits look like 20. Having a few name brand items is perfectly fine, this allowed me to create a style for myself.


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